Popular Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas hotels are among the most renowned buildings not only in the country but also the world. In fact, some of them pay honor to some of the popular landmarks of the world. If you are traveling to Las Vegas, you surely want to check out a few choices of hotels first to have a comfortable stay in this prestigious city.
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
It is one of the hottest hotels in Sin City, a favorite of celebrities and high profiled individuals from all over the world. It is most popular for its man-made beach, shark reef and lagoon resembling a tropical island with a touch of Las Vegas style. This hotel has a wide range of restaurants offering various cuisines.
The Wynn Las Vegas
This hotel is named after Steve Wynn who designed this very impressive and elegant looking hotel. It combines the charm of nature and luxurious lavishness. It is graced with mountains, waterfalls and lagoons allowing guests to relax in the serenity of its natural setting.
The Bellagio
This popular hotel in Las Vegas is all about grace and elegance, catering to refined and sophisticated guests. The European elegance of Bellagio is just perfect for its very impressive style and demeanor.
The Tropicana
A classic hotel in the city, it welcomes guests from different parts of the world. It has remained a sought after hotel despite the surfacing of relatively new hotels. In fact, it has been around for 30 years and one of the first to usher in Vegas’ golden age. It aged to perfection, providing comfort and luxury making it the king of all hotels in Vegas. It is made more beautiful with surrounding lagoons and waterfalls.
Treasure Island
Frequently called TI, this hotel has gone through various modifications from a hotel designed for kids to an exotic adult escapade. It caters everything that guests need and want—fun, food and comfort.
Caesars Palace
This hotel has been welcoming visitors in Las Vegas since the 60s and its style never gets old. It managed to compete with the other hotels in the city through its very impressive, Roman theme. Recently renovated and upgraded, the hotel has never been so beautiful, providing its guests with not just impeccable service and comfort but endless entertainment to help them make the most of their hotel experience.
Aside from the new and classic hotels in Las Vegas, there are also up and coming hotels that will surely bring more excitement, color and elegance to this one of the most visited cities in the US.
This hotel has an impressive line of dining outlets, serving delicious cuisine. There is definitely no shortage of any cuisine you can think of. Besides Buffalo wings and skimpy outfits, this hotel has a lot more to offer. In fact, it has everything that can make your stay in Vegas exhilarating.
Hard Rock Hotel
If you love to party all night, this is the right hotel for you. Pamper yourself like a rock star at this hot hotel in Vegas. The music will get you carried away. If you are going to Vegas with friends, you will surely have a great time dancing the night away.