Las Vegas Travel Space

No matter what your reason for going to Sin City,  you know that it is one of the best places to go if you are up for unlimited entertainment, luxury living and extreme fun. Before indulging yourself to captivating and frenzied crossroads of jam-packed casinos, world-class hotels and resorts, take some time out with a guide on the best travel and vacation destinations of Vegas.

Las Vegas is not just the ultimate destination for gamblers and party-goers. It offers an endless selection of amusement and entertainment for people of all ages. If you are looking for the thing to do on places to visit, Vegas may just be the perfect destination to fill your itinerary. These must-see Las Vegas attractions can get your day started.

If you are a NASCAR fan at heart, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will make you feel at home at the race track. The Secret Garden of the mirage is one of the most fascinating and jaw-dropping attractions of Vegas. For just $15 admission, you can enjoy all you want watching the famous animal loving magicians Roy and Siegfried. A true animal lover like you will surely appreciate being in front of leopards, bottlenose dolphins and other entertaining creatures.

Mandalay Bay is most known for its shark reef. Witness thousands of ocean creatures up close and be mesmerized with the starts of the show—the sharks. Shark Reef is a famous attraction in Vegas and it is home to various water-living creatures.

If you are in Vegas and you crave for Chinese food, simply take a taxi bound to Chinatown and satisfy your cravings with their appetizing and incredible restaurants offering Asian cuisine. Grab the opportunity to do shopping while in Chinatown where you can find an array of products ranging from apparel, jewelry, herbs and fresh produce from the Far East.

The Venetian Hotel is the city’s take of Italy and it won’t be complete without gondolas, floating along the Grand Canal. Make sure to go with a loved one to enjoy more your gondola ride. You and your partner will love the romantic feel of the place. This is perfect if you don’t mind passersby taking pictures of you or posing for the camera with you on the background.

Another must-see and must-visit attraction of the city’s Big Apple is the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster that can take you 200 or more feet up in the air and drops you at 144 feet. If you are looking for more adrenaline rush, the Stratosphere Tower might just be the perfect choice for you. It will give you a whirlwind ride slinging you 160 feet into the air in three seconds! The free fall which comes after is the most exhilarating but nevertheless most memorable.

Visiting to Vegas can be a fun experience if you know beforehand the best attractions that the city has to offer. You might want to grab the opportunity to visit as many of these places as you can if you are going there on a limited time.