Las Vegas Resort

Las Vegas is not just known for its world-class casinos and dazzling entertainment. Its high class resorts are also gaining tremendous popularity among visiting tourists. Surely the prices of these resorts will put dent into your wallet but you will never be disappointed. Get yourself ready to be amazed when you visit the top resorts of the city.

Wynn and Encore Wynn – Known as one of the best hotels in the world and rated five-star by Forbes, this hotel sets a perfect example of what luxurious living is. It has heated pools surrounded by lavish greens evoking serenity and relaxation. It has two secluded, spacious pools and Jacuzzi providing a blissful, comforting experience. The Encore Beach Club has a private pool as well in European style, sporting a unique, elegant design and modern facilities. Their bathrooms are furnished with almost anything that you could ask for. Satisfy your taste buds with a wide choice of cuisines from American, Italian and Japanese dishes that famous chefs prepared.

Mandalay Bay – Are you looking for a stress-free and unforgettable travel to Vegas? Mandalay Bay is where you should go. It is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its wave pool is one of the top attractions of the city that will take you right to the Caribbean. If you are on vacation with the entire family especially if there are kids, the Lazy River is also perfect for you.

 Aria – Getting yourself tanned under the Nevada sun will still give you a touch of class if you do it in Aria. Give yourself a treat by plunging in one of their pools or pamper yourself in a fully decked out poolside bathhouse. If craving for something to eat and drink, indulge in their top shelf food and refreshments at the pool bar and lounge. The Therapy Pool and spa are perfect for those who want to ease physical pains.

Green Valley Ranch – This unique resort is sought after for its pool with sand at the bottom. It features an 8 acre backyard that offer the most stunning and panoramic views of the city. The resort has a swimming pool also designed for the adult crowd and it is called The Pond where a selection of drinks near the bar can be enjoyed. It is just 25-minute drive away from the famous strip.

JW Marriot – If you are looking for paradise in Las Vegas, JW Marriot never fails. This hotel offers a place where you can simply relax and take pleasure in the serene and calm atmosphere it can give. The entire resort is aligned with palm trees, taking visitors away to different places. Golfers can take advantage of some of the best courses in the state that are just a walk away. After a day of golf game, find ultimate relaxation in the great amenities the resort has to offer. A comfortable stay at this resort is a perfect way to end a tiring and filled-with-lots-of-activities day.